segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

witness the mind

i see the nights in vain
the killer in the ocean
this mellow feeling is the beginning
i'm out of notion
this is the first drop of the potion

waking the trees
watering the fields
the clouds turn red
this is the awakening of Venus
and all the souls have fled

there is a light ahead
the visions inside my head
tell me to enter the void
is there anything at all
take me out
it was the final imagination

i hear psychedelic sounds
is this the true reality
i can't count anymore
i can't speak anymore
breaking the steel
waiting to heal
the wandering mind of my body

waking the nature
the bodies consumed by Venus
the souls hidden forever
this is the only real notion
the final cut
the last drops of freedom

Ricardo Rodrigues

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