sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Walk Me Home

Inevitable dream,
the loud scream,
someone sings out the world,
we're under the road,
we're left alone.

The power of observation,
I have the mind set to insanity,
we'll all go crazy,
we'll never go home again,
the troubles are over,
the sound from the piano begins.

Let's become the freaks of today,
let's turn our minds high,
time is incomplete,
this place doesn't seem to exist,
we don't want to go home anymore.

Finish it off!
The night is over,
the song is turning my head around,
I need someone to walk me home,
I need someone to say goodbye,
just looking into people's eyes.

Do you think we're alone?
I would like some sensual touch,
but I still need someone,
someone to walk me home.

Ricardo Rodrigues

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