sexta-feira, 21 de junho de 2013

the first page of reality

i want to be beautiful,
i want to be mad,
i want to be tough,
i want to be rough.

i awake the dawn before it's hour,
i slip into the unknown,
and i realize everything;
everything is known.

is there a right time for poetry?
is there a wrong time for sex?
it can be both,
it can be none,
i'm only allowed to believe
what hasn't been done.

the new hour,
the new age;
the age of kings and queens,
of intercouse and intimacy,
where the lovers are poets,
and the mad men are of reason.

and we fled to the town,
we covered ourselves in the woods,
when suddenly i noticed
this is everything but a dream;
reality in the most real form.

we'll fuck the beauty in our minds,
and i'll be allowed to die
in my dreams where nothing roams.

Ricardo Rodrigues

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