terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2013

Mystic Molecule

Fuck my witty heart, she wondered.
Oh, I will; I replied.

Send him to the nearest tree,
Make him feel psychedelic,
As you bow in respect
For only real nature.
Right there, your hands shake,
Your eyes are ready to endure enlightening,
Mighty soul is eternally profound.

I turned myself into a molecule far beyond imagination.
My body mixed with roots,
Everything placed in the ache of my mind,
For the healing's path
To occur exactly like the nature sees it.

Undid everything I could have done,
But didn't. I gave away my pleasure for mere normality,
I shook minds with the mind of a lover,
Not the love for the people,
Not the love for anything in particular,
But she's a lover,
And that makes me love her.
But that's not something very regular.

Fuck my heart once more,
After and before,
But never stop; and, now, she wonders,
Without mentioning any illogical thunders,
If her heart is actually real.

And when I believed to be a molecule,
My imagination was already far away
From the beautiful Earth;
I was, I am the ultimate space,
I'm walking in the frying sun,
I'm yelling at the moon: why dramatically gorgeous?

I just want to make love to you
Like the moon hides from the daylight,
And the stars shine at night,
And the sun to be a bastard at times,
Or the acid rain a wealthy mine.

Ricardo Rodrigues

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