sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2013

Distant World

Let me sleep today
Tomorrow I'll find a better way
Let me sink today
Tomorrow I'll fall in decay

The flowers cry to me
Their roots are my own
And I leave this place
To somewhere else
Dreaming in the wind's whisper

I hope there is something out there
Better than the crowded places
Better than my words
But so it seems
There is only the distant
And lonely thoughts ahead

Let me go today
Tomorrow you will be thankful
For letting your problem to fly away
So let me sleep today
And always...
I am deeply sorry about my ruined heart
I am so sorry, world...


1 comentário:

  1. adoro tanto, tanto... está triste, mas intenso, mesmo muito, como se sentíssemos ao lê-lo a mágoa que tu sentias ao escrevê-lo. adoro...