sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Sleepless Lover

In a sleepless night,
I dwell with you
In my most genuine thoughts;
The shining and pure glance of my desires,
Brought me a meaningful and confusing
State of mind.

As I take another warm and
Philosophical drink,
I think I may be confused,
But I can also be lighthearted,
Fond of you, as I know I am –
And have been for some time,
Secretly shrunken, with nothing to know
Or say.

There is a reason for why
I imagine and pursue happiness,
Thrill and passion
With who’s not physically around:
Common things and people
Always manage to lack understanding
For the strange actions and words
Which I care for and live for.

But you are not common,
No. You are someone who thrills me,
Who makes me feel glad and erotic,
Who has or might have the same wish than I;
Can you feel me?
Do you hear the deep endings of my soul?
Do you see what the world has written for you?

Now, tell me your notion of pleasure,
Is it the same as mine, dear?
Later; tell me you want my enduring soul,
And human body,
As much as I crave your presence.
And I should light up
To celebrate this tragic and poetic ceremony,
That lies in the auditorium of my mind.

Look into my eyes,
Fall into my soul;
Am I too much of a fool,
To be dreaming of you?
I’m afraid of it.


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