sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

A Brief Journey to the Self

A man went down and traveled the world,
He asked his fellow humans
About happiness and freedom;
What is happiness?
What is freedom?

The faces of the people,
Hidden with shame,
Couldn't answer properly.

There was a woman who said that
We are bound to our faith.
She must have been blind!
Faith is a concept created by Man
To make us think we’ll never be in control,
That we are destined to live
Without doing anything personal about it.

Then, a man heard this, many thousands of miles away,
And told me we are the ones
Who make our destiny.
He must have been a fool, too,
Travelling across the world
Just to tell me words
I already knew.

But I was interested in his thoughts,
He captivated my mind,
He was a very intelligent man,
Like I may be, in a different way,
I’m sensitive, a seductive and dangerous human being.


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