sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2013

Psychoactive Thoughts

Wild woods
Vibrating to the psychedelic sound
Nature has been unleashed
Heads moving clouds
Paralyzed body
Hallucinated thoughts
Distorted talking
I'm feeling careless
Inside the universe which no one has seen
The magic I must witness
With my eyes closed
Flying into the void
Transcending through my mind

Exploded powder
Inhaled herbs
He speaks in foreign tongues
"Magic Mushroom!
Do you realize
That you're almost dreaming?

Can you smell it?
The warm smoke flowing into your mind
Do you feel it?
Your body's entering a whole new dimension
Of colorful trips
Special tricks
And open-minded souls
With lots of psychoactive drugs to share
And I repeat
Lots of psychoactive drugs!

But not just yet
I'm simply writing about it
For when the moment of exploration arrives
I can feel my mind less stressed
And much, much excited!
Or relaxed...


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