segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Distorted Disguise

Let out the anger
Your expression screams frustration
Followed by distorted movements
My silence does declare
When my voice sleeps in despair
You always remind me of someone else
Left in the past
For my dream to last

If my mind refuses to be wise
I'll be forced to walk as a disguise
I thought I was ashamed of myself
But I'm only ashamed of what surrounds me
Their known presence is too odd
It's trying to make me disappear
I leave their sight without any fear
Disclosed words
Do they even work?

I left nothing behind
Except my whole appreciation
For hating my own thoughts
I stand right here alone
Trying to figure out how this really is
My foolish reactions
Walking into the void
I'm almost feeling it
And how numb and boring it is

Stand next to me
Do you know what I'm missing?
Everything that you've already seen
Everything that I never was
The horrors of a lonely feeling
Are way over my possibility
And I ask you
Is it too much if I beg for someone's presence?


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